About Us

Welcome to our online store!

We're a local Edmonton family run boutique and have been operating now for 10 years in Edmonton.

When our clients discover us, they are amazed at what they find. We usually hear things like, "you've got to be one of Edmonton's best kept secrets".

As a mother and daughter team, our love for fashion and style keeps us motivated to bring in one of a kind pieces from all around the world including Canada, France, Italy and Denmark.


We offer diversity through our unique styles, limited quantities, impeccable quality and affordability. both our boutique and on-line store, we strive to demonstrate what contemporary fashion really is and can be... simply fabulous.

If you're new to our site or store, then welcome and we look forward to working with you to find your style. If you're a returning customer, thank you. In the last ten plus years, our shop has born witness to countless conversations among women that have transformed them from strangers to friends.

Brands we carry: Z Supply, C'est Moi Clothing, White Crow, Others Follow, Pappillon, DEX, RD Style, Black Swan, Soya Concept, Alo, Quay Australia, GLAMOURS, Apricot, California Moon Rise, See U Soon, M Made in Italy, Kersh Clothing and more!


Lots of love